PM PM was in Copenhagen spreading LOVE and didnt know about anyone getting beat with any batons in front/by the Red House… even though it was said to only be about 12 people the RIOT SQUAD was called out… an IMBEcile even said there were LOUDspeakers… and another lambasted Opposition members for getting a ‘corbeax sweat’ this evening in the same Parliament… while ‘debating’ the ‘Property Tax’ aka Land Ownership (Amendment) Bill…

Mairoon Ali, an actress/teacher/the list goes on, is with us no more… didnt know her personally/professionally… only of her craft and occasional times i heard/saw in the media… know how dedicated she was to her craft/life tho… will be missed by many…

oh and a Tissue Company was raided for employing illegal workers… no word on arrests of owners of said business but the illegals were bussed out of said establishment…

some ppl get Christmas gifts from d GRABBAMENT… inclusive of a first warning… buh Calder Hart get a next salary increase

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