its as good as it promises to be… even better in 3D…

not that i promoting James Cameron… especially after he said that OJ was found guilty for murder on 60 Minutes… but with the knowledge of the level of tech in this flick… i cant call it film… it definitely has at least one thumb up… and no not up anyones ass…

its the epic tale of cliches and predictable script but the computer work is top notch… i do suggest you see it… and i am not one to promote Caribbean Cinemas 8 in Trincity Mall… car thief heaven… but you definitely would have a different experience in 3D… MovieTowne needs to start showing 3D cause there are quite a few flicks on the horizon that i want to see just for that element…

oh and for TT$35/U$6 you cant go wrong considering that the market pays at least U$20 for a 3D flick…


  1. GirlBlue
    18 December, 2009 at 20:42

    The movie aside has CC8 fixed the sound problem in there? I stopped going because I felt virtually assaulted by the sound, it is as if they pick up the sound and fling it at you. Well that and the natives were getting a bit rowdy to put it mildly

    • 18 December, 2009 at 21:18

      saw the flick in Screen 1… sound wasnt as thumpy as i thought it would be… i personally wanted more UMPH… so they probably fixed the problem you speak of…

      and no natives were sighted… went to the noon showing so they were prob still asleep… they were in the food court when i left after 1500 tho…

  2. 19 December, 2009 at 1:52

    Holy… they have a 3D cinema in Trinidad now? Thanks for the heads-up on that Bandi… I’ll be heading to Imax to see it, but they’re sold out till Dec 31… even the 11:30 PM shows… was supposed to go last night but the temp drop to -7°and the roads are icy…

  3. 20 December, 2009 at 20:39

    I like hi-tech stuff but I found the idea of 3D a bit too gimmicky. After reading the reviews, especially from this blog, I changed my mind, for now. I throw caution and wisdom to the wind and go see it at Caribbean Cinemas. Not sure when though.

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