this week in Trinidad & Tobago… dunno what really went on nah… i was out of the news cycles as i got the opportunity to do some work and i wasnt stuck with the monotony of reading all the mess on the interwebs…

i see today that Kamla jump in d race… if i did know that yesterday i wudda ask Dooks like a reporter whut he thunk… i see they interviewed him on some TV station buh i eh pay any attention tuh it cause it still nah mek sense… too little too late… Kamla shudda mek noise last election when the Alliance truly wanted her but Jack an Bas said different…

we still have an Acting CoP… no is not politics talk still… well not COP actually… could be PNM… anyhow… Phil’-ing-in-‘bert has been granted another extension… and talking bout murder rate down… aight no prob… when it eh have none for two tuh three months then yuh could comment odderwise hush yuh mout…

some ppl get funds from the current administration… some didnt… and well they vex… they say is a slush fund… i eh care what fund it is i just want to know how to access it… buh dat was d problem it wasnt advertised… we so they say… buh d MamPee fuh Port-of-Spain South who iz d Minister being questions say it was on d website… i check it out and is ah updated thing dat prob wasnt in existence when said monies were being disbursed… the website sill under construction… just like Brian Lara Stadium in Toruba and the STAGE fuh Carnival… BTW i tink dat iz d same constituency whey dis chile from… an dem eh have no money tuh help she…

i eh know wah else went on nah… some ppl get killed… some kill deyself… usual ting… so stay tuned next week fuh annodda installment… an lemme know if yuh cud understan d dialeck… i go try tuh translate into d Queen English if allyuh havin trouble phonetically…

  1. youcouldbelievethis
    25 December, 2009 at 6:54

    OGO “d Mampee fuh Port-of-Spain South”. I love it!

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