Not One Fork

i was just minding my bizness while it was raining and i see this tweet that made me click… i see something about Peepin Tom and Public Floggin… tort a man get ketch… not knowing that is somebody alter ego

d Peepin Tom ah write a thing talking bout ‘poor’ people as hoarders of clutter and well fuh Christmas “the poor try to imitate this wellbeing through illusion

yes it have plenty ppl who say they poor yet the always blinging the latest style and fashion… maybe they go hungry and sacrifice that for their look…

No matter how small the home there must, for example, be a three-piece suite, a wall divider, a cabinet for storing wares and cutlery – some of which will hardly ever be used in the owner’s lifetime – a sewing machine, the symbol of independence, and a dining table. For a family occupying a small space, these things take some skill to fit in the limited space available.

well i living in a space with 5 rooms… if you wanna call it that… a living area, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a toilet/bath… and i have the suit… by meh mudder… i have a drawer with some spoon and fork… it have needle and thread… but no dining table… it eh have d space fi it…

Today, most poor homes have television sets, DVD players, laptops and all the latest gadgetry. So being poor is now just a class symbol; it is no longer about not having. Hire purchase and remittances have conspired to ensure that the poor have everything in their homes that the rich can have, except that the rich have, in accounting terms, more fixed and movable assets.

now i know that people do buy stuff on HIGHER Hire Purchase… buh is not only poor people… so juss cause i eh have as much money as you it means that i shouldnt clean up meh place… you want my place to look like a dump… is one thing to be content with my posessions but is another thing to assume that i doh like nice thing too…

i still have a DVD player dat is like eight tuh ten years old… and tanks tuh d giffs ah cash i have fridge and stove…

i sorry i cyar finish writing this… i go still post it… i jess get images of a govahment dat like to put plaster over sore… maybe dat is what d writer was alluding to and not me in my slowly getting poorer state… plus i haffi go renew meh permit fi drive… not that the car wuking anyway… and i may have the rent money fuh December but if anybody have things they need doing i looking fuh January money from now… feel free to contact me… bandwagonist at bandwagonist dot com

Sunny Bling – Not One Fork…

  1. Chica
    8 December, 2009 at 11:45

    Nice long post bandi.:-) You know when I moved to the Us some 25 years ago I noticed for the first time that some poor people liked to imitate the rich.(not only at christmas time). They had to have at least 3 gold chains around their neck and only bought expensive desiner lables, while their fridge was empty. Some 25 years later and back in germany I do see some of that over here as well. In terms of money I am poor as well. I do work and pay my bills but instead of putting away money to go on vacation I do pay 160 euro each month for my daughters Dyslexia therapy.(money well invested)I never bought designer labels even when I had plenty of money. I shop for quality not to impress anyone. Lot’s of people try to immitate the rich and pretend to be something they’re not. A thousad dollar outfit is not going to make up for a lack in character. I think that beeing poor in terms of assets is not a shame, as I do have good values and have friends and love in my life.I have met people that are better of than me in terms of assets but they’re laking emotional intelligence and do not know what loving relationships are. They are worse of in my eyes.:-)

    • 8 December, 2009 at 13:05

      you hit the nail on the head… i am not the least bit shame of what i have or not… but the writer seemed to be attacking the ‘poor’ people for cleaning out clutter… as if ‘rich’ people don’t have junk laying around…

      • Chica
        8 December, 2009 at 17:48

        Nothing to be ashamed of at all. Hey you have a woman that loves and cares for you because of who you are and not because of your assets. Some men can only dream of that, cause no money in the world is going to buuy them real love.:-)
        The writer, was stereotyping. What he described matches some poor as well as some rich people, but clearly not all.

  2. 8 December, 2009 at 16:28

    Rich people junk cost more…

  3. themusicologist
    24 December, 2009 at 5:42

    read the article in question..for me it’s not about ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ it’s ‘exploiter’ and ‘exploited’ same as it’s ever been the exploiter acquires wealth off the sweat of the exploited’s brow and all the while it’s the exploited who suffer. Who pays the taxes? Who cleans up the garbage and waste? who feeds and maintains the system of consumerism?..yep the exploited. sooner we truly understand that the sooner we can change it.
    Seemed to me that the writer was enforcing the language of ‘rich and poor’ to make us ask ourselves which one of those we are.
    bandi..’wagonist’ always interesting..respect

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