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Local Intelligence?

that title is such an oxymoron…

there are so many things that bother me with the following story…

Muslim denied entry to T’dad from Tobago
Joel Julien jjulien@trinidadexpress.com

Sunday, November 29th 2009

A LOCAL Muslim was denied entry into Trinidad from Tobago on Friday allegedly because of his radical beliefs on Islam, the Sunday Express learned yesterday.

so essentially ‘A Trinidadian‘ who was staying in Tobago… ppl from Tobago are also called Trinidadian… decided to come back to Trinidad for whatever reason and was denied entry… even though we are the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago… no international borders were being crossed… you doh need a Passport… even if you could get an appointment for a new one… so if i from Tunapuna and want to go San Fernando somebody could tell me ‘NAH’… ‘Hard Luck’… ‘You is a terrorist because You are Muslim‘…

it had to be because of ‘radical beliefs‘ that he was targeted right… but PM PM doesnt have ‘radical beliefs’… he eh drunk on the Bible… or is it just because the beliefs happened to be rooted in another religion…

Investigating officers found it ’strange’ that Abdullah decided to travel to Trinidad the same day that Sarkozy arrived here, the Sunday Express learned.

as i wrote on Thursday… Friday was Eid-ul-Adha… i tort we so culturally diverse and everybody know bout everybody else religion… dem fellas mus be skip school that day… or never went…

Abdullah, who had a ticket for the ferry’s sailing, was on his way to Port of Spain to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, a time when the sacrificing of domestic animals such as goats, sheep or cows usually takes place as remembrance of the sacrifice made by Prophet Abraham.

yuh see this CHOGM ting get some ppl kinda chupid… or he didnt have a ticket fuh he sheep and goat…

Apart from Abdullah being questioned, his home and business place in Tobago were also searched.

i wonder what they were looking for… a copy of the Quran to prove he was a terrorist Muslim…

Abdullah, sources claimed, has been of interest to both United States and United Kingdom intelligence agencies previously while specific plans to attack those countries’ interests here were being investigated.

so the US nd UK managing Local Law Enforcement now… i should watch who name i call in meh bloggin and tweeting now… they might come break down meh glass door… and take meh computer and then leak all meh sex tape dem… truth be told we have no Local Law Enforcement…

i hope Mr. Abdullah sues the state… there must be some kinda breach of his rights here… because if he was such a threat he should have been arrested and charged long before he attempted to board a boat… or maybe that’s why he was arrested… he wasnt showing enough National Pride to be boarding the T&T Spirit

i kinda peeved nah coz i got an email FWD this week and the sender admitted to FWDing said email not having verified the contents… contents that seek to spread untruths about ISLAM under the pretense of coming from an Islamic source… so this just set me off…

i still think that this was imporperly handled… i mean two ppl stormed a Presidential Dinner in the White House last week… and if they werent caucazoids they prob wouldnt have passed the front gate… yes that is US biz… but its plain old profiling

i wonder how many other criminals were on that Ferry…

  1. 29 November, 2009 at 3:23

    Yeah, this story raised my ire real bad this morning… and yes, they did breach his right to travel:

    (a) the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;

    (b) the right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law;

    (c) the right of the individual to respect for his private and family life;

    (d) the right of the individual to equality of treatment from any public authority in the exercise of any functions;

    (e) the right to join political parties and to express political views;

    (f) the right of a parent or guardian to provide a school of his own choice for the education of his child or ward;

    (g) freedom of movement;

    (h) freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance;

    (i) freedom of thought and expression;

    (j) freedom of association and assembly; and

    (k) freedom of the press.

    So, they breached, a, b, c, d, g, h, and i at first glance. I too, hope he sues their arses off.

  2. Chica
    29 November, 2009 at 3:53

    OMG, that’s unbelivable! Well Jumbie did list all the rights they breached, let’s hope that some of the 69% percent( besides you Bandi) will line up behind this man and support him. Coz they have to realize (Muslim or not), it could be anyone next.
    And yes, I wonder myself as to how many real criminals were on that same Ferry?

  3. 29 November, 2009 at 14:08

    i must have missed the notice about there being a state of emergency which would allow police to randomly restrict DOMESTIC movement in T&T…madness

  4. nastylittletruths
    8 December, 2009 at 14:37

    Umar Abdullah lives in Tobago. Sad little fella… He feels rather important that everyone is keeping their eyes on him – FBI, SAUTT, etc., but the man can’t get on a plane anymore because of his writing threatening letters to all and sundry.

    I was in Crown Point about two years ago and they had him standing in a corner for about four hours and no plane ride to Trinidad. I guess that’s why he was travelling via ferry – he is on the infamous ‘no-fly’ list.

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