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Squingy – Loud & Clear

those followers of the Dancehall/SoundSystem Culture would understand this post…

a true LEGEND in one of his visits to Trinidad back in 2001…

Kevin ‘Squingy’ Bennett in Trinidad. Guinness Fully Loaded 2001.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kevin ‘ SQUINGY ‘ Bennett From Bass Odyssey Sound System R.I.P.

At 6:40 am on Tuesday November 24, 2009, we were informed of his death in a hospital in Tampa, Florida. It is reported that his lungs collapsed which lead to the failure of his other organs.

At little over five years ago, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although there is no cure he had been receiving adequate treatment in both Jamaica and the United States. At this time we extend gratitude to those who have helped us to support and maintain Squingy’s life until now as that in itself is a miracle from the Almighty.

Kevin was a proud, strong, loyal and dedicated member of our family who bravely fought this obstacle to the final second and lived his life to the fullest in light of the surrounding circumstances.

We appeal to the true Squingy friends and family, the loyal Bass Odyssey fans and supporters of the music that effort be made to preserve his important legacy and contribution. Let us bury the man as a legend. We maintain that we have always supported Squingy and the entire staff and in extension Alexandria community have stood by his side 100 per cent. Keith Walford and Kirky C are making the necessary arrangements to ship his body to Jamaica where he will receive an honourable burial.
We appeal to everyone to rise to the occasion and support us in honouring a legend for his lifetime and dedication to entertaining fans around the globe.

Thanks to those who have expressed their support and condolences, they are our strength in this time of grief.

Bass Odyssey

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