Mad Man RANT

so yesterday i ranted about the decay.. and Jumbie summed it up in his commentThere is a HOLE… I nearly post that last week when Sesame Street was celebrating 40 years… but i didnt want to tarnish their good name by associating the clip with Trinidad… or Tobago…

SO the school that was attacked remains closed today… apparently not all the students knew this so some made their way from however far only to be met but closed gates and no other option but to head home… and they most likely doh have nuttin to do with this shituation…

now i did edit yesterday’s post and take out a couple ah words… it was supposed to be an attack on URBAN Radio… now i deleted it coz dem alone not at fault but prob the biggest perpetrators in this wole scenario… the fushking school rivalry is apparently a whole Gaza/Gully war… WTF… first off we eh have no Gully here in T&T neva had no flippin Gaza either… if these blasted illiterate and severely misinformed youth/radio presenters/DJs would do some research they go know what/where is the real GAZA… they go know what real WAR is about… yes in Trinidad they have place called Africa and Canada, Vegas… all dem fancy place name… but the names eh really help the ppl… or has they?

VYBZ Kartel and Mavado are the apparent leaders of these Gaza/Gully factions… two Jamaican DanceHall artistes who nah give a RAS about you and me… but give it up to the WE and them other fellas who does be BOOMin it up… keep on playing all da $hit that get ban in JA… cause dem know first hand the problems it cause… let we here in Trinidad keep glorifying this set a fuckery on the airwaves… we go get vex with the proposed changes in the Broadcast Code… but allyuh need somebody to stand ver allyuh with a BIG STICK

i had a DJ ask me what is the role of media/radio… he works on URBAN radio… my answer… cannot be linked to cause twitter search sticking… but i basically said that it should entertain and inform in a responsible manner…

now is not as if they dont know… but is it dont care… when i say they i dont only refer to the DJs who question me but the Programme Directors, the Owners and Investors of these stations… you se i cant get vex with the CLUBs… it eh supposed tuh have school chirren in dem… well fuh real eh… Dayna help ZEN get World Famous… i sent a link to some of them… incidently one of them is a member of the organization the link came from… go figure…

as i say is not only Radio or TV responsible… is we as a people… parents… teachers… leaders… those in authority…. geezanages… it still have dem ting dey…

parents… many now are working so hard they doh have time to even see dey chirren… is get up 0430 make breakfast lunch and dinner… go to work… hope to reach home before 1800.. when the chile done home alone since 1500… studies by both parties till at least 2200… then the whole cycle begins again…

teachers… well i hear the pay good…

leaders and those in authority… trying to stay right here by not really giving a rats arse about you… or me…

you should also read the comments for these vids… very insightful

  1. 1mauvaislangue
    28 November, 2009 at 16:43

    ah hear you bandi…ah hear yuh…it real sad

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