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blame it on me

for a couple of weeks now there has been a whole heap of noise over the treatment of Chinese workers, imported labour, in Trinidad… none have been found complaining in Tobago… thats prob why the hospital eh finish yet… and well i see discussion on twitter on the topic a well…

i honestly thought i was a bandwagonist but some others seems better at taking up this mantle… some are offended because of the embarrassment to the nation… others blaming the government… well i say blame me… why?

first off… when the chinese first came they were working on projects in Port-of-Spain… some of which were close to meh madam workplace… and i uses to watch them fellas living on the worksite… and nobody found it fit to make a fuss bout it… i myself stayed quiet…

den they started to be seen all over working on various Government projects outside of the capital city and walking the roadways to and from jobsite in single file very reminiscent of the images of the enslaved before being put onto ships bound for our shores… again i said nothing…

[picapp src=”b/5/7/f/Slave_Chain_2846.jpg?adImageId=6198445&imageId=2990531″ width=”380″ height=”242″ /]

some of them were accused of cleaning up the streets of stray animals… i guess those who were circulating the pics via email and bluetooth had no problem in portraying the stereotype… i am at fault here again because I said and did nothing to stop or investigate these rumours…

and now some fellas fall of of some scaffolding and dead and well nothing com out of it… my fault again because I should have reported the unsafe working conditions to the relevant authorities…
[picapp src=”8/e/0/d/Workers_erect_scaffolding_ed7f.JPG?adImageId=6198804&imageId=4784865″ width=”500″ height=”313″ /]

the thing that has gotten many irate tho is that they finally see some pictures of how these fellas have been living… nothing short of living in a work camp… well some say prison… slave camp… ive bee to neither but I have been to camp with like fifty others of the same sex and yes i wanted privacy but I shat in a hole and bathed in a river… yes I agreed to it so I guess you could blame me for allowing those chinese to live under these conditions… i mean i could use a latrine… i have used them before and when there is no water to flush a toilet it becomes a glorified latrine… well probably worse…

thing is these fellas weren’t complaining about living conditions… they were complaining about monies owed to them… monies that some have also alluded to that these chinese have been making far lower than minimum wage… blame me as well because i used to work for an employer who would keep you out for over eighteen hours a day and if you worked out the math it was under minimum wage… i reported this to no one… found no union to fight for me… i simply left the job…

[picapp src=”c/9/4/e/Chicago_Considers_Minimum_80a8.jpg?adImageId=6198972&imageId=3999344″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

as i finishing up the post i finally seeing that some of the comments and observations by others on twitter are in agreement that it was all my fault…

i am a hypocrite…

i said nothing
i did nothing
and really and truly
i don’t care about the chinese workers… because i struggling on a daily… and until i could safely keep my head above water its about me first… dem chinese sign contract to come an live and work here… if they didnt like it they cudda go long time… dey jus wouldnt have gotten any pay…

the price of progress is apparently very high… how high is the answer i am seeking…

  1. mauvaislangue
    19 October, 2009 at 18:19

    “Blame It” Tour

  2. Chica
    21 October, 2009 at 6:56

    Harsh but truthful words.Whenever someone goes to a foreign country it’s to either better themselfs or to feed their family.Somehow I doubt that the chinese workers contract mentioned the inhumane living conditions. An outhouse is one thing, but the one where you have to sit and do your thing in public with several other people is inhumane. Same goes for beeing locked up in some type of camp.(there you can clearly not come and go as you please).
    With a mindset like your’s Bandi you should consider a career in politics. Your political leaders do not seem to care about those foreign workers as well.
    I teach my children to treat others the way they would like to be treated. What do you teach your children?

    • 21 October, 2009 at 15:49

      since i was young people tell me about that politics thing… i will leave that alone… hopefully… had an uncle who was an MP and another an Independent Senator…

      i teach my children by example… i honestly would love to be of assistance to anyone who is less fortunate than I am but my reality is hand to mouth right now… and I talking about the need for about $5000 every month… may not seem like much but it may actually be more…

      RENT, FOOD, TRANSPORT… there is virtually no room for entertainment… i rely on having internet access for that…

      i do trea others as i would like to be treated 99% of the time… as i said blame me for the living conditions of those workers but i’m pretty sure thats above if not the same standard they left… ask them…

  3. ennekaycee
    21 October, 2009 at 11:05

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing and for being so honest. This goes beyond the situation with the Chinese workers and extends to our mindset as a culture as well.

    We never seem to see our role in the chaos we are so quick to complain about and lay at the feet of the Government, the church, the schools.

    There’s an issue on my mind that I’ve wanted to write about, but I’ve been kind of avoiding. You have encouraged me to put it out there and I think I’ll do just that when I get home today.

  1. 9 November, 2009 at 20:47

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