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eat more bara

22 September, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

i check up on This Beach Called Life and am very glad that akalol is back from the brief hiatus… doh leave we hanging so again… i look forward to your take on the news on a daily… anyway back to my post…

eat more bara… since i could remember… and well it have plenty that i apparently choose not to remember… i have been playing with word sounds and ‘eat more bara’ happened to originate from Eid Mubarak… it probably came from hearing a toddler trying to give the greeting or just the infectious doubles culture that pervades the Trinidadian society…

Sunday, was the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr here in Trinidad… it is the first day of the month of Shawal and its a day of celebration for the sacrifice and fasting one undertakes during the preceeding month of Ramadhaan.

I spent the month doing what i have religously done over the past decade fasting and learning how to become a better person… now im not saying that i have become a better person and not saying that i dont want to be better either… im just saying that people have made mention to me that they sometimes wished that Ramadhaan was every month… and well i too sometimes dread the ending of this most blessed of months on the Islamic calendar…

Ramadhaan is believed to be the month that Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)… during the month… apart from abstaining from food and drink from the pre-dawn to sunset… not six to six… Muslims also abstain from sexual intercourse and other haram affairs… haram means unlawful… Fasting is also one of the Five pillars in Islam and should be undertaken by all able bodied Muslims…

so back to chronicling the last few days of Ramadhaan… on the whole this month has been on of the most trying for me ever… but as usual faith brought me through it… Transportation issues abounded with me having to negotiate pickup and drop off with others… duties i usually carry out myself but getting tripped up with work didnt always afford me the opportunity… it may seem like normal routine things but during the month of Ramadhaan I usually take a back seat from worldly affairs and concentrate on my family… but being underemployed this year had me earning both income and i ‘hope and pray‘ blessings…

a curse word appeared on my radar the final week of Ramadhaan and it happens to be ‘HYATT‘… now i coined the term before but only this morning i saw a friend’s facebook status that had me laughing… i had a job to do down there on Monday and well the plan didnt entail me having to transport anything but myself back home… needless to say my vehicle was packed to the hilt and off i went to brave the traffic heading east to offload and continue with my planned routine… it didnt end there as on Thursday we once again ventured to the waterfront… to setup for a job on Friday… this time the problem was clearly with HYATT… we were setting up and encoutered minor problems but they were sought out… oh yeah we arrived and signed in and all the jazz around 1700… 5pm… and well it was just over an hour for me to break fast… no probs… i walked with something… not a meal but a pack of biscuit and a lil juice… enough…

so we there and start to setup what we could… because well we not working alone… we have to wait on aluminium trusting to go up and HYATT Engineering fellas to hook up stuff… now dem fellas does give Engineers a bad name… the reason we need them is because HYATT doh like anybody to have cables passing all over the place… they say is Health and Safety but if you ever see how they do thing iz not that… so we patch in some of the audio to their system and get that working cause they had a rehearsal fuh some choir… doh lemme start on dem… good thing i was fasting… well until 1807… so when it was time to break fast i eat meh biscuit and drink meh juice ont he half a stage that HYATT didnt finish mounting as yet… tell mehself by 2000, 8pm, if we still there i go need some real food…

to make this long story shorter… HYATT have some serious issues with the equipment/signal patching/routing by their Engineers… they apparently have equipment that they know not working properly and continue to use it and make service providers use… it was after 2200, 10pm when i say nah ebuff is enuff… actually around 11 oui… so i take a walk dong d promenade tuh get some food by KFC… now I wasnt hungry but knew i had to eat… so in KFC am man nearly get a blow out for trying to jum a line that was 4 people deep… he was kinda lookin high and get some serious cuss from the woman he tried to jump… KFC only had wings… no sandwiches… on thighs… no breasts… just wings… i watch a woman pay TT$25 for 2 wing… she hadd be crazy… i buss out and head to Churches Chicken… dem had one better… leg and wings… so i went next door by Royal Castle where i managed to cop the last leg and thigh…

while on the journey for food on the promenade HYATT Engineering team had a shift change… so when it was time to finish all the other stuff… patching and ting… the Engineer said… with the straightest of faces… “I dont have access to the keys”… WTF! I was tempted to say is best he did stay home… well out loud… you doh nave access… so what you doing there… he coulda drive the Man Lift! Thursday aka Friday morning ended with me arriving at home at 0230… after taking a bath and trying to fall asleep it was already 0330 and well i get up around 0400 to start my fast… so i barely close meh eyes… i ate something… and hit the sack at 0430 to get up at 0630… grand total of 2 hours sleep with no real food stored for energy…

i cant sleep during the day… i just cant… never had the ability… not saying that i never have but after doing the chauffeur duties and arriving back home around 0830… i couldnt… and well i had to head back out from around 1400… oh yeah i had to wash a couple of pieces of clothes to wear that same evening as well… cause it was back to the HYATT…

i was caught up some traffic on my way down to the waterfront because some ppl decided that they had to be ignorant and park on the corner of El Dorado Road as they had to sign up for CXC Exams at the nearby Ministry of Education office… i mad it into Port-of-Spain close enough to my scheduled time and well immediately encountered the HYATT way… where your pass… well i just dropping off something… if it so important i will go get it… how i sure you go pass back… well it shorter to walk back this way… so after sorting out some sort outs i went for the HYATT pass… oh yeah that if it get lost I have to pay $200 for…

back up in the function room so that we can complete setting up… what was the point of me coming the night before to setup again? and its an exercise in futility… spent nearly an hour trying to get audio routed and well… it never happened… ended up breaking HYATT rules and passing cable along an open doorway.. yes we always tape it down… yes with coloured tape so you know that something is there as well… assuming that you will take the necessary precaution… apparently another provided doesn’t have any of these problems… go figure… preferred provider/supplier… so the function went off as well as it could have without having had a proper rehearsal… we couldnt have had one because the HYATT Engineer the night before had no access to keys… remember… the night/morning ended around the same time 0230… but not without an ‘incident’…

the ‘incident’ occured when we were offloading equipment at the storage facility… two cars basically slowed turned off light and took in the scene… we werent sure if both were interested in what was happening in the yard or the car on the road… CRIME has impacted upon our lives so much… a man get a guard dog the very next day

so its Saturday morning and I then take a drive on Penal Rock Road to collect clothes for Eid… not my clothes eh but say what i’m a chauffeur… a stop was made in Debe for those famous delicacies… they went down well in the evening… i think i got some rest… and well Sunday morning and Eid salaat…

the rest of the day was spent with family and was enjoyable… no rain… enough cloud cover… and my cousins first television broadcast… as a finalist in Digicel’s Rising Star 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I couldnt resist this post after that whole month and seeing that doubles with pepper on akalol’s blog

oh yeah and saw this video as well…

Eid Mubarak to you all on this the last day of celebration… oh you didn’t know three days of celebratioon…

  1. 22 September, 2009 at 11:19

    If you can survive the “audio engineers” at HYATT you can survive anything, even no doubles.

    I have an issue with KFC because when they give me the snack box I always have to shake it first then, open the box to make sure there is something more than a bag with 25 fries. KFC chicken is starting to look like nuggets and there is little hope their chicken will grow up. The answer to this KFC robbery is Churches or anybody else.Only when KFC feels the pressure from customers they will stop robbing and start giving.

    • 22 September, 2009 at 13:57

      i do prefer Churches but still dont eat too much of that fast food… doubles, aloo pies and saheena are all oily enough 😉

  2. wuzdescene
    22 September, 2009 at 12:16

    Oh my gosh Bandi ….. again I ask ….. how de arse you does find dem funny videos …. dat ting had me crackin up ….

    …. ah now regain meh composure ….. so ah now goin tuh read yuh post 🙂

  3. wuzdescene
    22 September, 2009 at 12:30

    …. and oh …. Jamal is yuh cousin ….. he’s actually one of the better singers ….

    …. did you watch the show this weekend ….. yet another ‘crack me up-er’ …..

    • 22 September, 2009 at 13:58

      yip memba when i tell yuh meh family mix up… i waiting to see next week show to see who else he up against… memba tuh text ‘VOTE’ to 7802 on yuh ‘digi’… or you could call… but only from yuh ‘digi’

      • wuzdescene
        23 September, 2009 at 13:04

        breds …. me eh have no digi … one cell phone is already one cell phone too much!!!

  4. mauvaislangue
    22 September, 2009 at 19:52

    FUNNY 🙂

  1. 22 September, 2009 at 14:21

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