Off Road Driving

I am unsure of the real direction the current Government has chosen to take with the number of cars on the nation’s roadways.

First they said that there are too many cars so they raised the cost of liscencing the Foreign (ab)Used aka Rool On Rool Off. Now they increasing the fines for law infractions. Laws that are already under threat by any good lawyer. Many people would have gladly paid TT$200 to get the process over in short order but TT$2000… its best you get your day in court. Many of the laws that People are charged for, if ever, are vague and pretty descent arguements can be made before a magistrate to get out of paying a ticket… especially when the officer who laid the charge on vacation… or on a charge himself.

Currently the vehicles in the Police Department have no Video Recording/Timing devices to prove if someone was driving on the shoulder or any other law breaking offence. It will be solely based on an officer’s testimony and well they not getting a good rap these days. I’ve been saying it a while now that all we need is/was to simply enforce existing laws and all would have been honky dorry… now you figure that by increasing the fine that would make a difference. If the POLICE weren’t charging before what would make me think different.

The Breathalyzer Bill was passed in Parliament and sent to Prez Party to the Max… now he doh drive heself anywhere again but he could/does real drink… could it be the reason why it hasn’t been proclaimed into LAW… i know MOWT Man aka Cgolem (the C is silent) said that they have a problem with calibrating the equipment or some chupidness like that was the main issue… now you trying to force people to have a special seat for any passenger under five years of age… does/will this apply to Maxi Taxis and other vehicles for HIRE… including Public Transportation Buses… and how will we/you prove the age of the child… should one always walk around with the child’s Machine Readable Passport… if they ever get around the appointment dates and swearing of affidavits… in truth common sense shouldn’t have to be regulated…

the Government plans to implement all these LAWS while continuing with a Highways program which seeks to widen existing roadways and create new byways… so you want more cars on the road or not… if yes then i welcome the initiative to have more CNG filling stations… but that project still in the planning/pipe laying stage… and Government vehicles should be the first to be converted… the FREE CNG kit installation sounds nice… and who getting the contract to import the CNG ready vehicles…

i know my writing was all over on this topic but that just how the current Govt plan seems to be as well… we go charge dem more… ok that eh really work too good… remove gas subsidy… oh gosh they still driving… so lets increase the transfer fee again… increase the cost of permit renewal as well… and well say that the law breakers will now pay thousands instead of hundreds… oh yeah but we go leave we vehicles with heavy tint…

  1. mauvaislangue
    11 September, 2009 at 20:57


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