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weakening review

just a lil synopsis of the week so far…

Independence Day… what ever that means to you… it may mean that you are independent and living on your own… FREE from the shackles of your parents even if now bounded by those of a (in)significant other… or (future?) wards of the state…

School Reopens and only the Form Teacher and Spanish Teacher are present… what a way to start the term in a new school… Lack of Discipline being demonstrated from the outset… and well Production is in the crapper… totally screws with the student’s mental outlook…

You go to court for the umpteenth time… the summons hasnt been served and the Magistrate chastises you for creating the problem and not having enough Toleranceoh gosh everybody does be late sometimes… and so what if yuh get threaten, no biggy allyuh is big ppl and could work it out… case adjourned…

Arrive at 0815 for your scheduled 0900 appointment for the new Machine Readable Passportthat yuh really eh need cause yuh barely have money to buy groceries and pay rent so where the hell yuh flying off too… yuh get a number that show 40 people ahead of you… good thing yuh bring that crying baby else they wudda leave you there for three hours… nah yuh mudder name eh spell that way… yuh forge this *new* computer generated birthcertificate… no yuh cyar change the S tuh a Z… buh wait nah you mean the reccommender put d Driver’s Permit instead of Identification Card Number… steups… go and get a affidavit and come back the day before the next holiday when most of the staff looking to take a long weekend holidays… doh forget to make an appointment when yuh get d certificate fuh d baby eh… it FREE if dey under 2 years… so call now cause I hear the backlog that long…

they raid the same police station that they raided and subsequently transferred all d Officers tuh find even more Guns and Marijuana… you think they would ever get around to invetigate the assault report you made more than six months ago…


if the state educates its citzens poorly, they will fail to function properly in the state, and so will be unable to be virtuous, fulfilled and therefore unable to lead a good life. In other words, the state will have failed them.

  1. mauvaislangue
    5 September, 2009 at 15:46

    Mon – are we really independent?
    Tue – and they wonder why the children have no respect for their elders anymore.
    Wed – hmm…disturbing as usual.
    Thur – the usual garbage you must deal with in Trini.
    Fri – what’ new — same garbage — different day — what assualt report? they done misplace the paper work…

    BTW thx for the synopsis

  2. wuzdescene
    9 September, 2009 at 21:49

    oh gosh Bandi … ah sorry eh …. but yuh had meh real laughin wit dis one 🙂 ….

    • 10 September, 2009 at 8:52

      well if I eh laugh I go cuss… shucks i did that on the thursday… oh well…

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