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Tarrus Riley – Contagious

Tarrus Riley’s new album is called Contagious… it can certainly become just that… ever since Tarrus buss a few years ago everything he touches seems to be transformed into a hit… now Tarrus singing fi a while tho… my first Tarrus track happened to be a tune on the Night Nurse riddim way back in the 90s… back to the alum review now…

Tarrus Riley - Contagious

Tarrus Riley - Contagious

  • Living the life of a Gun (Man)… is exactly what it sounds like… nice reggae vibe
  • I Sight… more like I hear some real nice horns and background vocals… King Rastafari ah Me I-sight… the light in the hour of darkness… the lifeline… you get the drift… I see this becoming an anthem in Roots & Culture dances all ova the world…
  • Love’s Contagious… who say Bob Marley riddim to draw you in… not that the lyrics weak… ‘Looks like sumptin a go round‘… its a LOVE song if I’ve ever heard one…
  • Human Nature… Michael Jackson Tribute… was a hit well before MJ died and Tarrus does it justice… I can recall someone who used to work for VP actually requesting this track from me… what a riot… listening to it again I hear the emotion in Tarrus’ vocal delivery and it kinda sends chills up the spine…
  • Soulmate… hmm another classic reggae riddim makes an appearance… albeit in a kinda different form… uplifting ‘love’ song… is Tarrus becoming the next Sanchez? even little DJ part…
  • Superman… this tune been banging on a couple stations… kinda R&B/Reggae jam… very very nice… as I stated before is Tarrus the next Sabchez? its a choon to play for that special lady… anytime… ‘I will be there’
  • Young Heart… sounds like something from the 70s when Rocksteady Reggae was on the rise… complete with the horns, crooning and piano strings… Tarrus delivers with this track… relive the butterflies in the stomach… when you had that first crush…
  • Start a New… well allyuh would remember when I posted this awhile ago… no need to rehash it… I only post stuff I like… ‘cut it off, so the healing start’
  • S-Craving… who wah Vitamin S… romance me tune… ‘its all about a feeling’
  • Why So Much Wickedness… a more upbeat BPM here… begging the question… i can relate to this track immensely… it represents daily life… ‘I caan live a lie’… did i mention the horns…
  • Duane Stephenson & Etana join in the call…Let Peace Reign… commentary unnecessary… its just nice to hear the ‘young’ voices together with a positive message…
  • Don’t Judge… social message on the plight of the homeless… life on the streets… a powerful track… damn yow Tarrus getting on bad on this album… some nice guitar work in the background as well… ‘looks may be deceiving everyone’s got their meaning’
  • King Selassie H.I.M. coming from the land of King David… ode to His Imperial Majesty… along with references to Marcus Garvey and H.I.M.’s visit to Jamaica…
  • a lil backbiting interlude

  • Stop Watch… message music… ‘doh grudge, doh envy no one’
  • Herbs Promotion… like an album sung by a Rasta could ever not have a track about the Natural Mystic…
  • Good Girl Gone Bad… another one that I posted before… if you need another review check this
  • Mankind
  • It Will Come
  • the album was moving nicely along until it reached Mankind and It Will Come… after a track like Good Girl Gone Bad that’s uptempo you pull the rug out from under me, as a listener… not discounting the quality of the tracks but the album order suffers… I doh wah hear dem slow track in the end after 2 uptempo choonz…

    1. Chica
      17 August, 2009 at 1:22

      Sonds great, can’t wait to hear it.

      • Chica
        17 August, 2009 at 1:22

        I meant sounds great. I love the mans voice and he is easy on the eyes.:-)

    2. Dragonvale
      8 May, 2013 at 13:18

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    1. 26 August, 2009 at 0:53

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