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Alborosie – Escape from Babylon

if you doh know who Puppa Albo is get familiar… I posted the Kingston Town video… and that was one of his top quality choonz till this album… if I may say so… I was taken away by Can’t Stand It feat. ‘the Crown Prince’ Dennis Brown last year when I put in in a podcast… thankfully it appears on this album as well… no videos as yet but patiently awaiting…

I’ve had this album on loop for the past few days and I haven’t played any album like this since Jr. Gong’s Welcome to Jamrock… well except Instrumental Soundtrack Albums, namely Star Trek & Terminator Salvation…

the album exudes Roots Rock Reggae… classic politically/socially/ganja laced tracks for your musical enjoyment… no dancehall tracks either.. pure reggae.. lil uptempo sometimes but classic rocksteady/reggae… did i mention that its fully charged roots rock reggae…

starting things off

  • America dedicated to the war machine… call back your soldiers…
  • marijuana… ganja farmer… No Cocaine inna me brain.. cause me love… you guessed it… Puppa tells us of his experiences with the herb…
  • Mama She Don’t Like You kinda ska-ish sound… like the vocal treatment within the track… horns are also one of my weaknesses and its nicely done…
  • touching on the politics/social aspect again with Global War.. Puppa gives us some of himself… he covered some of these personal aspects in an interview with ReggaeNEWS.de before…
  • Money Money Money is the root of all evil’… what can I say… a classic rehashed showcasing the ills along with positives that comes along with money… Debt over LIFE!
  • take a journey to I Rusalem… an introspective piece detailing who Puppa is now… very powerful track…
  • Can’t Stand It… the fact that I can’t seem to get enough of this tune… classic Joe Gibbs production with the Crown Prince of reggae… Puppa Albo definitely puts his own spin on this track and well no long talk… its my fav on the album… 😀
  • Real Story on the transshipment of marijuana?
  • a message to the Good Woman… speaks about respect for ones-self… haunting chorus line…
  • Yes We ah Lion moving Dung A Babylon is a traditional social/revolutionary reggae choon… we No Fear No Pope, No Cop, No Politician!
  • Gramps Morgan lends his voice to make One Sound right thru Europe… a nice ditty about the One Love movement that Rastafari exudes… a must on this blessed Earth… from Jamaica to Africa…
  • Humbleness true righteousness… Puppa Albo touches on the teachings of H.I.M. Ras Tafari
  • know your roots and where you’re coming from in order to be rewarded with entry to the Promised Land
  • Mr. President we tired of you… a take on Italian politics.. reggae social message again… and also a stance on fascism and racism
  • i just love the horns on Operation Uppsala
  • only Jah can set myLikkle Africa Free… somber track…
  • the strumming on this album is very reminiscent of a Bob Marley & the Wailers album… serious classic reggae sound and feel… if you keep reading the same thing is because i writing the same thing over and over cause that is how the album is… roots rock reggae… political… social… messages abound…

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      8 September, 2009 at 1:46

      This site rocks!

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