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much ado about nothing

have plenty _ish to get outta the head but when I planned to do it yesterday I had to use my equipment on a client’s job instead… and then came PM PM/Smelter Pat/Pa-trick and the PNM taking over my tele when I was waiting for The Simpsons on C… yes I watch C… even when I call them PNMG… I still question how the PNM getting all this money to be broadcasting LIVE events on tele so regular… i cyar remember being invited to any of the Tea Parties held to raise money… neither hearing about any Bar-B-Que to raise funds… and the MP for Tunapuna just opened a new sub-office as well to better serve her constituents… well i hope this one not upstairs a BAR/PUB/part time strip joint…

all of this on the night of the anniversary of the start of the insurrection by Lennox Philip aka Yasin Abu Bakr… leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen…

to be truthful I didnt listen to all what Patos had to say because it was screwing with my medi… the Prime Minister… the person who holds the second highest office in the land inferred that there was/is a plot to assassinate him and that the last attempt occured on July 26th 2006 by someone driving a marked police vehicle… a marked police vehicle you say… you sure you wasnt mixing up the incident where the officer, you got fired for, trying to pull over a vehicle assigned to you for your protection… the same incident where your darling wifey who you eats breakfastes with contradicted your version of events… the same wifey, who you said (on the platform), had someone alert her of this plot to kill you and didn’t report it to the POLICE… well sure I believe everything you said…

you said that if the attempt was successful there would have been bloodshed… duh dummy… it would have been yours… cause you would have been dead… thats the whole idea behind an assassination… ask JFK… oh sry he dead… successful plot… get it?

that basically was the tipping point for me… (the ‘meeting’ started off with David Rudder’s High Mas… everybody give praise…) I then decided that I had heard enough… I usually listen to politicians and senators (I also watch Parliament Channel) spew their brand of talk so that I can be much more informed on their beliefs/agendas… and as I was switching PM PM then made reference that when the then PNM Gov’t under George Chambers decided to give a holiday in remembrance of Emancipation, they purposely didn’t call it African Emancipation Day… channel change and the rest of the evening was spent with my brain trying to work itself around the mess I had just heard…

here was/is a Political Leader… not just any Political Leader… the Leader of the GoRTT, the man who wields more power than anyone else inferring that there are forces plotting against him… in a violent manner… this is the same man who would not call an inquiry into the events of 19 years before… the same man who didnt even grace us with his presence at the wreath laying ceremony to honour those who lost their lives during those 6 days… a man who claims to be in politics since 1971… 38 years of politics in this country and yet you continue to seek to divide and bring no proof to the allegations…

My Dear Friend, Mr. Manning, in future would you please keep your inferences to yourself…

  1. 28 July, 2009 at 10:47

    I’m in a sombre mood… I think he might be right – in the sense that there must be plotting out there.

    I bet there are MANY persons who probably thinking/thought “why de arse dis man doh dead?”, especially after this story broke. (^_^)

  2. Chica
    28 July, 2009 at 12:44

    Quote: “I still question how the PNM getting all this money to be broadcasting LIVE events on tele so regular…”
    That might be where your taxes go:)

    • 28 July, 2009 at 12:55

      my taxes = Road Tax in the Gas/Fuel Charge and V.A.T. are paid to the GoRTT not the PNM… two separate entities… now what happens in reality on the other hand… its what’s called corruption… using state resources for your own political gain…

  3. 28 July, 2009 at 16:42

    The man is struggling so much for creditability he is now incredible. I think though it was in poor taste by those who wished to shed his blood to do it in such a predictable and James Bond fashion. Why not wait till he was on the treadmill or mid-squat? No doubt the US would want to know who would want to go after our PM besides the entire population. Wait and see, there will be a backlash to his delusions.

  4. nastylittletruths
    28 July, 2009 at 22:25

    Is it the audience that causes these forays into fantasy? Reminds me of the old joke – ‘how do you know a politician is lying?’… When he opens his mouth… Lies, lies and more lies. What a sad sorry state we are when to deflect the attention the anniversary of the coup always bring, all the PM could come up with was this tale…

  5. 30 July, 2009 at 11:07

    Since he was in fairy-tale mode he should have brought in the blimp and the headlines would have read “Blimp Saves PM’s Arse”

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