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Playing Games

so the Ministry of Health together with the Sport Company decided to cancel the Caribbean Games because of the possibility that peeps could get Swine Flu. I really feel is ’cause the Hasley Crawford Stadium wasn’t ready… they didn’t finish pull the red rope lights around the middle… ala tightening a belt…

yuh probably saying “buh da iz ole news” but wait we, Trinidad & Tobago, are scheduled to host the Pan American Junior Games from July 31 to August 2.

Whereas the Caribbean Games was expected to attract over 1,500 athletes and officials from 26 countries, the Pan Am Juniors will bring more than 600 persons to these shores from 38 nations in the Pan American region, including, North, South and Central America, and the Caribbean region.
Health Ministry clear Pan Am Juniors

so if yuh pass by the Stadium and still see work going on is because it was ready for the Caribbean Games but a few minor adjustments had to be made for the Pan Am Juniors… like replacing seats in the Jean Pierre Complex… and finishing pull the rope lights…

  1. Chica
    21 July, 2009 at 4:44

    Would have made more sense to cancel the Pan Am Juniors games instead. With kids the virus seems to spread much faster. In any country where it had reched schools it spread like crazy.
    Then again because it did spread around the globe so fast the WHO stopped counting last week and in countries where it’s not regular flu season they stopped testing, wich makes sense.
    The only things that are beeing reported are the drug resistant cases and the healthy people(without preexisting contitions) dying. Sure hope they come up with a vaccine soon and that the virus does not mutate!

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