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The Lock Down Against Violence

Where Is The Love? Supports The Lock Down Against Violence…


Just how fed up of the violence are you??

The time has come for US to stand together as a people, as a nation-against the crime and violence that has saturated our country.

Let US unite now!!

On THURSDAY 25th JUNE 2009, at 12noon, we are encouraging a LOCK DOWN, Shutting down everything for 5 minutes in silent protest against the HEINOUS CRIMES and vicious murders of our children.

On this day of S.E.A results, let us remember those who will NEVER have this opportunity.

We are asking everyone to simply STOP what they are doing and STAND on side walks across the nation, in front of homes/businesses/stores for 5 minutes in silent protest.

The WHOLE country must STOP – stop driving! stop walking! go off air!

Wear RED-not in celebration, but to represent the blood of the slaughtered innocents.

Can you give 5 minutes of your time? Let US send this message of silence to the government and criminals alike.

RADIO & TELEVISION alike – send this message loud and clear – SHUT IT DOWN for 5 minutes

Yes, we understand that it’s peak time -news time, Can you think of a better time with higher impact?

Just how fed up of the violence are you?

Some might ask, what will happen after? Think about it …
What happened after Sean Luke?
After Akeil Chambers?
After Leah Lammy?

The senseless murders continue – because we as a people are still pointing fingers…

Can we now stand up for what we believe?

Can we take this time to let them know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, We are reclaiming this land that is ours!

5 minutes of silence – YES!

In the sun! where the bodies of our children lay for days before discovery!

Wear RED to show solidarity.

Let us show that the nation still has a voice!

Join us and spread the word to your people/ contacts/ clients – Let us show that the nation still has a voice.


I’ll be wearing my ReD!

  1. 1mauvaislangue
    25 June, 2009 at 20:14


    • 25 June, 2009 at 21:27

      Inshan Ishmael, of IBNTV8, organized a SHUTDOWN a few years ago and many pissed on the IDEA… the airwaves were abound today of SHUTDOWN talk and I place it in the toilet just as it was years ago… the people feel helpless more and more and as akalol said in his blog

      …the latest crime plan by Martin Joseph will be fast tracked to give the nation another illusion of care. Just wait and see.

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