Love & Hate… Mavado

new series tackling some of my Loves and Hates… now first off I dislike the word HATE. It is one of the most destructive words I’ve ever come across and in life have always tried to stay away from using it… when singing along with Dennis Brown is probably the only time you would ever hear me use that word…

Mavado in Kingston 2009, photo by Peter Dean Rickards, AfflicetedYard

Mavado in Kingston 2009, photo by Peter Dean Rickards, AfflicetedYard

this first one is on the most eloquent Mavado… now many people spell it Movado… which was the original spelling but they didnt want to get sued by a watch manufacturer so change the O to A and everything is now AK… as in the Assault Rifle… since he come on the scene is pere vileness he ‘preaching’…

I’ve made mention to friends that, well, Mavado isnt for everyone. If u is a dunce you probably shouldnt be listening/hearing his version of poetry. I have no problem listening to his shit but I cant digest much… like everyone else I crave the indulgence of certain vices every so often… my vice happens to be this ‘b’ragga dancehall… the dancehall that is laced with strong sexual overtones and a whole heap a violence… thats why this is a Love/Hate.

I LOVE to see the picture that is painted… so vivid… so real for some… but in the end i truly dislike the glorification… yes the issues are being voiced but how long this suffering gonna keep on keeping on… all ah da bling yuh singing bout and yuh still in d ghetto… i eh know bout you but if i get a windfall fuss thing I doing is climbing out of the cess pool… I could always pass in meh van and check out the other thuggies buh I not staying among them especially If I have chirren to see bout!

I cyar save all but I could try to save some… yes I could be a hypocrite too… after I sing bout gun and make all meh money from singing bout Gun I could turn over a new leaf and tell d yout dem that is not the way… ent T.I. do dat… mek a whole heap a money turning over the leaf too… so back to Mavado… and others of his ilk…

“At the Age of 16, bussing ma Sixteen, step from WAR with ma AR-15

Sixteen happens to be the song of the day…
while Neva Believe You is played at all hours of the night…

  1. 12 June, 2009 at 7:15

    You know, I am looking at this picture and wondering if the pole is going to fall and if you think about it, the infrastructure about a country says the truth about the country. We have good roads and poles for the “better” people and bad roads and leaning poles for the “bad” ones. What you see is what we are.

    Nothing streaming good on my PC this morning and it is Flow acting up again. I will hopefully take a listen later.

    • 12 June, 2009 at 7:48

      yip FLOW was acting up… but the hot linking from mediafire also stopped working… samples wukkin now…

  2. 12 June, 2009 at 7:30

    Had one savvy co-worker not sent us the lyrics I would never have known the words to Neva Believe, or for that matter that that was the name of the song, I heard it before of course but was just listening to the harmonising and the music not paying attention to deciphering the words. It is vile, much in the way that Ramping Shop is vile another song I got the lyrics for. The thing is co-worker only got curious after he saw how some teenagers were reacting to it…teenagers…yeah that is exactly what we want them to go wild about, sing about, emulate and the rest. No wonder

    • 25 June, 2009 at 11:50

      We don’t care about lyrics but those youth want to learn every word (and I am still “young”)!
      Something in Trinidad has changed. There never used to be a climate of crime and gangs like this. This one is imported!

      We’ve got a serious problem going on. Huge swathes of the East-West corridor are being consumed by gang activity from Carenage to Arima!

      I used to scorn people who thought music should be banned but no more. I have seen the light. I know it won’t be effective but somebody has got to fight back. This is not about some White boy in an American suburb singing about “the hood” and living vicariously through gangsta rap it is real and we’re living in it.

      If Movado wants to sell music here, let him come and hawk his wares personally in the streets of Laventille. But we should not be paying this man to broadcast life into our gang culture over the public airwaves.

      Sorry bandwagonist, I just feel so strongly about this…

      • 25 June, 2009 at 14:37

        no need for sorries…

  3. 13 June, 2009 at 19:52

    Mavado is one of the best entertainers to come on the Jamaica music scene in a while. I don’t agree with everything he sings but as a fellow Jamaican a young Kingstonian I can relate. Now if only he would do away with the Vybez Kartel feud and channel more and more of that energy into positive uplifting music.

    • 13 June, 2009 at 23:18

      thanks for the comment… and you see why I have a LOVE/H8*… i wanna hear the positive messages… from all of them… MAVADO just happened to be the man of the hour… blasting from car stereos and radios around me…

  4. 25 June, 2009 at 11:40

    If u is a dunce you probably shouldnt be listening/hearing his version of poetry.

    And that is our problem right there. You are not a dunce, but most of his fans are and it’s destroying the country.
    It’s the Wild West out there! These gangster youth that keep holding us up all over at any time of day take inspiration from Mavado and ilk.
    I didn’t used to believe that music “causes” people to do certain things but now I believe that accompanied by an overwhelming culture it most certainly can.

    Whatever happened to “dub”?

    • 25 June, 2009 at 14:41

      HA… you are clearly one of the misinformed users of the word DUB in relation to music

      I would just say that what Trinis like to call DUB, stemmed from my Maxi Taxi days, was/is actually Dancehall… when it was in its infancy…

      I understand where you coming from still…

  5. themusicologist
    28 June, 2009 at 13:59

    first up thanks for the support..most appreciated
    just like to add my thoughts on the subject.
    as far as I’m concerned the power of music to connect as well as communicate a message is beyond doubt and has been used for thousands of years to ‘rally the troops’ as well as spread the word. Today though as with many things music has been commoditized and is in danger of becoming nothing more than a money maker. My belief is that the ‘minstrel’ can do little more than talk about what he sees and with globalization the message that is being taught, (and has been for many years), to the children is one of ruthless competition. As we know sex, violence and crime sells whatever it is attached to and music is one of the primary vehicles due to it’s ease of consumption. My conclusion is that It’s not the ‘Piano Player’ we should be questioning it’s the man who pays his wages.
    Excellent page by the way

    • 28 June, 2009 at 14:26

      thanks for the comment… you have raised another question for me to tackle…

  6. themusicologist
    29 June, 2009 at 5:54

    most welcome.

  7. 7 July, 2009 at 6:59


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