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Jah Mali – How Thankful

30 June, 2009 4 comments

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How Thankful Video by Grillaras Pictures



29 June, 2009 9 comments

Steven Springer

Steven Springer

Steven Springer & Friends will be performing at The Corner Bar this Tuesday 30th June. Showtime 9PM. Part proceeds go to charity.

When Trinidad-born guitarist Steven Springer arrived in Port-of-Spain for his honeymoon October 2008 he felt it would be the last time he would see his homeland. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and had been battling it for 4 years, and was expecting to return to the United States after his visit to undergo radiation therapy.

After visiting with friends and family, and enjoying his honeymoon in Trinidad with his wife Denise, he returned back to his doctors in Michigan, and when they x-rayed his lungs they found that the cancer had disappeared. “The doctors were shocked and amazed to find that the cancer had disappeared, and I didn’t have to undergo any radiation treatments,” said Steven Springer in a recent interview. “They had no explanation for it, but I know in my heart that it was the island of Trinidad, along with the people, food and positive energies I experienced, that made my cancer disappear.”

Now cancer-free, Steven is planning on returning to Trinidad again in June to play several concerts. “I want to give back, through my music, to the people of Trinidad. If it wasn’t for Trinidad, I wouldn’t be able to continue to make music anymore, and I know deep in my heart that Trinidad cured my cancer” claims a smiling Steven Springer.

Steven Springer is an accomplished and soulful songwriter and innovative fingerstyle guitarist, with his roots firmly planted in reggae, soca and calypso. His unique musical style is a melting pot of jazz, reggae, Latin, blues, rock and R&B, which combine to form a very refreshing and exceptional sound that’s easy on the ears and cheers the heart.

Born in Trinidad, in the West Indies, Steven Springer was inspired by the melodic lilting sound of soca and calypso, and started playing guitar at a young age. Touring worldwide, Springer was a featured artist at the 1988 World’s Fair in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, performing with the Trinidad Calypso Band. Springer joined Hugh Borde’s world famous Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band, performing and recording with them for over ten years. Steven has recorded and produced over twenty-five albums/CD’s alongside many of Caribbean music’s most popular acts, as well as numerous jingles for radio and television.

Steven Springer’s newest CD is a tribute to the island of Trinidad. He recorded the CD with his longtime musical partner Brian Pinard, the nephew of the famous Trinidad actor and calypsonian Sir Lancelot. The CD titled “Tropicooljazz” features music inspired by Stevens love for the island of Trinidad, and is a modern mixture of Jazz and Caribbean music, and has collaborations with many famous musicians from all over the world. “I feel that this CD is my finest effort yet, and I can’t wait to perform for the people of Trinidad” Springer said with a proud accomplished smile.

To view Steven’s concert dates for his upcoming tour of Trinidad please visit his website or his myspace at

original content of a message sent to members of The Corner Bar group on Facebook.

Erotic Art Week T&T

28 June, 2009 5 comments

the following video was upped by thebookmann

I’m just one of the people on the project. Christian Alexis, graphic designer and artist first approached me with the idea. We pulled in Richard Rawlins, another designer and Terry Smith an architect. Since then a few other people like Lisa Allen-Agostini, Darren Boodan and Rodell Warner have joined the Erotic bandwagon. – Dave Williams

Hailed as the first kind of art show in Trinidad and Tobago, the Erotic Art week launcedh a series of exhibitions showcasing artists who ventured into their view of understanding what Eroticism means.

for more visit

Positive – Hold Me Closely

27 June, 2009 5 comments

‘Hold Me Closely’ is Positive’s third release off the album Never Let Go…. Produced by the Greenland Records.

memba when I uploaded this promo to imeem more than a year ago.

Braveheart Riddim Mix
Gyptian – In My Life
Emrand – Good Morning
Positive – Hold Me Closely
Turbulence – Forever In Love

The Island Crew – Tribute to OBAMA

26 June, 2009 4 comments

The Island Crew does a tribute to US President Obama, shot on location in Trinidad and Tobago.

really posted this casue de fella who playing dat guitar does be a bother everytime I visit Maracas Beach… he getting five minutes of fame so hopefully the tourists will keep him well fed and liquored up so he eh go come by me fuh a drink…

3Canal – Over The Mountain

26 June, 2009 1 comment

Check out this video. You wont see it on TV even though it was sent to them.


Ras Iley – Spring Garden On Fire

25 June, 2009 2 comments

one of my faves growing up

for the baje bday ppl like jovan

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