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You’ve been Served!

the following is something I penned in a notepad stemming from an incident a few weeks ago… it involved purchase of items for use by someone else… dates/names have been *sterix only to protect the innocent and not the guilty… I was driven to write this because one month after you would swear there was never a problem… and heard some other horror stories on the radio yesterday… when will people realize that your life is about service…

I visited your establishment on the afternoon of ** MAY 2009 to exchange a box of ******* LOT#********. I had purchased the product the previous week but had no use for it until yesterday, Sunday. Arrangements were made in the morning to have the exchange made and the replacement item was available.

Upon arrival and inspection I realized that the replacement item was from the same LOT#. One package of the item was opened in full view of M*Slim and the same problem existed. M*Slim was notified and immediately sought assistance from someone else via the telephone.

After a few minutes on the phone M*Slim asked that I wait, while the matter was being discussed/considered by those on the other end of the phone. Other customers were dealt with while I waited. they left and no result/response had been forwarded to me.

I asked to speak with the person handling my problem and was put onto a M*Coco. While on the phone I was advised that they wuld have to re-order stock from another warehouse and that I would have to collect the next day, and in the mean time get a pack of *** to tide me over till then. I was satisfied with that result.

Another five minutes passed when M*Slim inquired about the resolution. Upon hearing the result M*Slim informed me that there were no *** in stock at that location. This resulted in my questioning the rationale of offering me something to tide me over but yet they were not available. It clearly was not a viable option. M*Slim the called M*Coco to see if there was any stock on that end. M*Coco said that they would look into it. It was at this point when another employee M*Good revealed that this product along with similar items were returned because of my problem. It was probably then that M*Coco and others realized that there was a problem with the batch.

More minutes ticked by and I was still waiting for some form of ****** to be able use, as the need had arrived for its immediate use. I was asked, via telephone, by M*Coco to come to the front of the establishment and replied in the negative. M*Coco then said that there were only two possible solutions to my problem.

  • Replacement01… too small
  • Replacement02… too big*
  • M*Coco then said that they would come meet me shortly.

    Ninety Minutes after the ordeal had started and Ten minutes after last speaking to someone in authority I had to use Replacement02 because I had no other alternative. M*Coco then walks in with Replacement03, a lower tier product. I showed M*Coco evidence that Replacement02 was too big and explained that if I wanted a lower tier product like Replacement03 I would have purchased that from the get go.

    I maintained my position of purchasing a particular product and was finally officially informed that there was a problem with the product line. I stressed that I was now without product to use and had already spent my money on a product that was now being labelled as defective and was being asked to return the next day to collect items that were too big/small or of a lower quality. M*Coco said that they were unable to say when next my product would be available. So I replied that I was now stuck with no product for an indefinite amount of time.

    I asked about compensation… One year supply of product? M*Coco replied in the negative stating They were not authorized to even give three months supply. I reminded M*Coco that the alternatives were not viable and that I should not be asked to keep passing in for virtually no resolution. M*Coco then said that the only option now available would be a refund. I turned it down because I would be inconvenienced by having to pass another day to pick up a cheque as it could not be immediately processed.

    I then explained the nature of my employ to M*Coco. That it is based on time and that if/when I am not there I do not earn, and that my being there for more that an hour and a half was in fact costing me money. I came in for an exchange of goods, and was in turn being met with bad service. M*Coco then told me that I should take my complaint to a higher authority and proceeded to leave me to my own devices.

    Toady, I am still without the product I initially paid for. I have seen said product still on sale in various retail outlets and no one from the establishment has contacted me abut the situation.

    as Trinis does say… meh money jumpin up in a Steelband…

    1. 29 May, 2009 at 17:33

      M*Coco is probably a manager but not an owner. Many companies hire the cheapest people they could get since the better ones always leave. If there is competition for this product then leave them alone but continue to spread the word about their contempt for customers. I would hate for a company to go belly up but good companies are the ones who will survive, not M*Coco and company.

      • 29 May, 2009 at 18:21

        yes M*Coco is a manager and I have changed brands… and this is one company that I don’t want to see go belly up right now…

    2. wuzdescene
      31 May, 2009 at 15:33

      Bandi, why didn’t you just take de money and run …. I was amazed that they actually offered you a refund ….NOBODY does that! …. an’ why yuh didn’t call names boy …. so we go know not tuh shop dey!

      • 31 May, 2009 at 18:27

        the reason i didn’t take the money and run iz cause i couldnt… i wudda have to return… apart from that having to wait two hours to then be offered a refund wasnt enough…

        I choose not to name to protect the innocent people involved… namely the courteous staff… directly and indirectly involved…

    3. peterstoloff
      26 June, 2009 at 14:48

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