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Summit Friday

allyuh go be reading this on Saturday buh waheva

Who tell me to go and do FreeLance work today… when all ah dem road closed fuh d Fifth Summit Leaders who go be arriving… well is JAM in meh A$$… Talk bout TRAFFIC… I take nearly an hour to make a journey of less than two kilometres… that was to reach… my return was shorter though but I think Barack Obama didn’t obey the speed limit cause he reach to d Hyatt from Piarco real fass… 1525 to 1554 so da is about 30 mins aka half an hour… da journey is about 25 kilometres… they finally put some POLICE to work in the afternoon…

I feel Obama peel out fast cause he jump d line in d Airport and left other Summit Leaders on the Tarmac.. they then made it known in their Opening Ceremony remarks…

I had a time tweeting about all the proceedings on the tele… pretty cool day otherwise…

I have some cellphone pics from meh Nokia 6300 I eh have no fancy SmartPhone cause meh Sony Ericsson P800 real outta date and does only be rebooting itself… sponsor d I a Berry nah… or even an iPhone

I eh know eh but I’ve had a traffic plan for this area for some years now… ever since meh radiator fail the day after 2 hour traffic in the zone… and it would definitely help if it is enforced…

  • Turn GOYA Road One Way… it doh have to be the whole road but just dat little portion by the Eastern Main Road… make it such that Traffic can EXIT Goya onto the EMR… and no cars should be turning into GOYA… especially from the WEST bound lane of the EMR…
  • the road Opposite Goya, Ramjit? should only allow Traffic to enter from the EMR… no exit onto the EMR…
  • Richard Street in Tacarigua should only have cars entering from the EMR… the corner done sharp already…

El Dorado/Tacarigua Traffic PLAN

  1. 1mauvaislangue
    19 April, 2009 at 14:16

    Bandi…submit them plans to the gov’t…it might only take them 20 years to figure out what you already know!

    • 19 April, 2009 at 15:10

      part of my plan was in place years ago but the No Entry sign disappeared one day…

      I didn’t like being referred to as a native on your blog… no it wasn’t your comment…

  2. 1mauvaislangue
    29 April, 2009 at 22:57

    Yeh I saw that navtive comment…I just left that one alone…first I thought it was an outsider, but then second line I see is a trini who said it…so I guess that’s what we were called 500 yrs ago and he may be still living in those times…go figure…

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