I reach d Summit

this post was written over some weeks so no structure may exist… just my ramblings…

summit |ˈsəmit|
1 the highest point of a hill or mountain.
• figurative the highest attainable level of achievement : the dramas are considered to form one of the summits of world literature.
2 a meeting between heads of government : [as adj. ] a summit conference.
ORIGIN late Middle English (in the general sense [top part] ): from Old French somete, from som ‘top,’ from Latin summum, neuter of summus ‘highest.’

now if you can’t understand is how this Twin Island Republic hosting the Fifth Summit of the Americas… I will attempt to show you…

we have hopefully reached the summit when it comes to crime in a nation of 1.2/1.3 million people…
A nation that is no bigger than 5,128 sq km.
A nation that for the past 7 years has seen GDP levels of over 15/20 Billion derived mainly from Oil & Gas.
A nation that saw more people vote against one political party and that party still won!
A nation that has continuous assessment of Primary school students but still places all the emphasis on the final one… (Secondary Entrance Assessment aka S.E.A)
A nation where Government Ministers laud the Health Care System while the Prime Minister heads to Cuba for every medical procedure… the Ministers go to Private Hospitals…
A nation that stole an Africa/UN model for progress… VISION2020…

the list would be too long to complete in one post and I am not going to bash the summit…

CCTV Security Camera

CCTV Security Camera

The Summit has brought much needed employment for many people in Trinidad as CEPEP and other Private Contractors have been contracted to cut grass and paint lines on the roadways that may not have been accomplished this year. Crews have been pressure washing and painting overpasses that were never cleaned since their construction… 20+ years in some instances… CCTV/Security Cameras along some of the nation’s busiest roadways that are in dire need of proper traffic management… I didn’t realise that T&TEC is now in the Security Camera business cause is one of their trucks I saw putting up a camera in Macoya… sorry I didn’t have my cam that day…

with a bill of over TT$500 Million for the Summit alone what is the additional cost of employing all of these people? (the cost is really in the Billions)

I am not against giving people jobs but it should be gainful employment… long term not short term… and jobs that truly are necessary… I aint against a man cutting grass with a whacker… but when the job done by twenty privately contracted people it doh mek sense when the job was previously done by a government employed worker with a tractor… and ten times the amount of grass was cut in one day…

and what about closing a whole lane of a FlyOver so 10 fellas could paint a line along the road… mind you they only painting about 50 meters at any one point in time and it looked as if they each came with their own car. when other Govt contracted workers had to paint the Eastern Main Road to make it 3 Lanes they had a machine that was pushed by one fella and it painted the roadway!

The Summit go come and go but I living in T&T and will be here after… the US embassy closed so I cyar get no VISA… not that I applying… but I also cyar get vex wit dem fellas who taking the work either… dem need the money to survive too… just like me they hustling… I cyar buy no new car fuh meh family to be lil more comfortable pon d road cause I cyar afford no monthly installment rite now.. and I fraid to buy the diesel engine cause I hear that going up after the summit too… nah I not rumour mongering cause I hear dat talk since d last budget…

I does eat one real meal fuh d day now… no lie… sometimes is lunch or dinner… I eh starving but I preparing fuh when I hadda ensure that others eat before me… I go try to eat when/if I go out an do a wukk in HYATT or Hilton… we does sometimes get fed… other than that I does smarf some bottles of water… I looking to head into the hills to plant and live off the land…

Notice of Closure

Notice of Closure

as I say hills… and think about Paramin… why all dem Government offices that based in Diego Martin and Maraval go be closed for the Summit… dem not in no bloodcleet security zone…. this effin unproductive nature of this Government real bothering me unno… I grew up with the National Watch words of DisciplineProduction… and Tolerance

well discipline gone long time… just look at Crime/Corruption/Basdeo Panday/dem fellas who I kectch on d shoulder

Production going tru cause yuh telling your people is OK not to work while you tell others they could still open fuh business… and dem in d security zone

the last thing that I see eroding everyday is Tolerance… I sorry tuh say… ppl does call me an Indian an I does get vex cause I is a TrinBagonian and probably have the whole of Europe in meh blood along with Asia and West Africa too… but is an African lookin fella who cuff meh… and NO the POLICE still eh start any investigation! and I base that act of violence on road rage and the underlying race issues that we as a nation have… anyone who denies it doesnt want to see it… I not saying that we racist… I am only saying that there is a problem… damn… we have two political parties that pander to race for votes at election time… I live with a cosmopolitan family and friends… but have experienced racial biases in life from many people some of whom are ‘considered’ familial…

Welcome to the Fifth Summit of the Americas

Welcome to the Fifth Summit of the Americas

this summit is a chance for us to show what we are as a people in Trinidad… i purposely leave out Tobago just like the Govt… no Ferry… no Kiss Bread… for the Summit weekend… is as if Tobago independent… from Trinidad… so come out and make your voice heard if you like to protest the wrongs… or stay home and chill cause the recession eh reach yuh door as yet… or go to the beach and eat a Bake and Shark (which may really be CatFish) and soak in the sun cause yuh just wanna chillax… at the end of the day dont do anything you wouldnt normally do… doh just be a bandwagonist and jump on issues for the summit… be your usual Trini self… eat yuh doubles and shut your mouth… cause Patos Philbert say no damn protesting allowed… allyuh could go to the Summit Village on d odder side of town…

  1. wuzdescene
    13 April, 2009 at 21:14

    very interesting piece bandi … do you know how those cameras work ….

    • 13 April, 2009 at 22:11


      have no clue as to who operating/viewing them… the MOWT man say that they not only for the Summit and here to help Law enforcement as well… weeks ago I saw TSTT running cables between them and assume that its FiberOptic cable that they using…

      the ones I’ve seen on the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway are all placed over the West bound lane… if they are to provide 360 coverage there will be blind spots… for the East bound traffic…

  2. 14 April, 2009 at 9:14

    HOW they work? Or IF they work? Yesterday morning I saw the TSTT technicians looking like they now programming the cameras.

  3. Jacqueline
    15 April, 2009 at 0:23

    “A nation that stole an Africa/UN model for progress… VISION2020…”

    Are you sure? When I was in Geneva, several diplomats from African nations were very complimentary about our Vision 20/20 and were asking for contacts to be able to utilise it from us.
    Any proof to say whose programme it was first?

    • 15 April, 2009 at 8:33

      the Rwandan Vision 2020… This Vision is a result of a national consultative process that took place in Village Urugwiro in 1998-99…. http://is.gd/ml2S

      UN Vision 2020… http://www.v2020.org

      I am glad that we have a Vision in place… and leave it at that…

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