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TT – the Mighty Sparrow – Education Is Essential

Slinger Francisco with the classic… dropped here today because children across the Nation (Trinidad & Tobago) sit to write what is known as the Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A.)…

the exam is supposed to be the final Assessment for Primary School students and was formerly called the Common Entrance examination… The Ministry of Education said they changed the format of rating children by one exam and now use data from throughout a students Primary Schooling years to conclude what Secondary School they would be eligible to enter… what a load…

there still exists a 20% list in DeNominational Schools where regardless of a student’s grade they can be placed in the institution… schools are also Graded on the Percentage required to enter them… thereby creating a heir-achy and Prestige Schools…

to the children who don’t ‘pass’ for their choice know that this isnt the end of life… you can still be anything you put your mind to… those who get into the top tier schools have to prove themselves in four/five years when they write the CXC/O’Level examinations… just like you…

  1. dejxmkncd
    11 October, 2012 at 21:27

    i need the stinkin lyrics man!!!!!

  1. 26 March, 2009 at 12:41

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