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Sponsorship and Social Responsibility

Should Private and Public Sponsors demand a better Society?

Over the past weeks the Red Stripe saga has become a talking point in Jamaica and in Guyana the Government basically shutting down performances by artists whose lyrics are generally of a violent nature.

the following excerpt from Red Stripe blackmailing dancehall?

A word to everyone, though hardcore dancehall can not be stopped or tamed, it will be what the society needs it to be. When Jamaica becomes more civilised the sounds from hardcore dancehall will change too. Until then, it reflects an ugliness that is uncomfortable for some of us to hear and see – but it is quite real.

and this is from Guyana gone too far?

However, there are several issues with which to contend when one contemplates where the line should be drawn between artistry and the incitement of violence.

Now I believe that the Guyanese Government should have a say… but wouldnt it have been better to revise laws or simply enforce existing ones.

Monopoly NCN Radio Bans Bounty Killer & Mavado Songs

According to a report carried on livinguyana.blogspot.com the move follows the government banning the two Jamaican dancehall artistes from traveling to Guyana to perform or for any other purpose. On air presenters were informed of the move late yesterday afternoon.

We see it every year for Carnival… Litter laws, and the best one Lewd Dancing… all of this only leads to ANARCHY… and I believe that it has already started… especially in our Third World Region… no apologies…

Now the Artistes on warpath Second attack launched on Red Stripe

The artistes say they are now prepared to perform for free during at least one major event as long as there are no Red Stripe products being sold or consumed at the venue.

“We can all sit here an beat ‘roun di bush, Diageo don’t give a … about violence in Jamaica, the real reason, personally, I think it has a lot to do with the gay-bashing lyrics and Red Stripe don’t want to come out and say this is the legitimate reason why we are pulling out.”

Now this is an auotpost I just complied some of the stories I saw…

One thing to note is that Red Stripe currently sponsor of Pardon the Interruption (PTI) on ESPN and this show is on everyday just before SportsCenter in the evening… major viewership…
RedStripe was once just a Jamaican brand then it became a Caribbean brand… Ive still never tasted one tho… they have now become an International Brand and are associated with Jamaica… becasuse they are Jamaican… this is just a move by a Corporate entity trying to distance themselves from controversy… remmeber what happened to A certain KONvict…
unless the dancehall artistes start singing Globally marketable and apparently acceptable song I dont think that RedStripe will back down… the artistes who host many a dance in Jamaica on a weekly basis could certainly put a dent in RedStripe’s Jamaican profits but then the company may very well take those lackluster sales on home soil and carry it international…
 If on the other hand the artistes get total support at home and people walk-off the line in the factory… and also garner international support… which I doubt will happen in either case… then RedStripe will have to reevaluate its role…
I remember some years ago in Trinidad when Luciano tore down the banner of one of the Sponsors on a show… Craven A… I guess that it was they who actually paid for his performace on the show because they were made in Jamaica (at the time) and were trying to get into the Trinidad market… I doh know what happened to them…
in the end SumFest will still go on and this will not be the last time we hear of music being banned/regulated by Government or Private Sponsor…
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