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Soca Broadway heads West

The 2007 edition of Soca Broadway is heading West, Mobs 2, Chaguaramas, to be exact. The inaugural launch of Soca Broadway in 2006 took place on the northern side of the Hasley Crawford Stadium. This was very successful and Neil Iwer George knew he was on to a good thing. But with the ongoing wrangle about the Queen’s Park Savannah not being available and the stadium being an alternative, there was doubt about if the space at the stadium was available for Soca Broadway.

George and his team went out looking in different directions for another venue for the Soca Broadway and came up with Mobs 2, another popular party place in the west. Four big bands and 17 artistes will mark the occasion on the lush greens of Mobs 2. Leading the charge will be the newly wed team of Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons with The Asylum Band, KMC with Red, White and Black, Tony P and Surface and Ghetto Flex, Russell Cadogan and Imij and Company. Other artistes performing include Third Bass, Anslem Douglas, Patch, Nika, Crazy, Pelf, Sanell Dempster, Fireball, Ricki Jai, Maximus Dan, Jadee, Mr Vybe, Ms Alysha, Bits, Naya George, Impulse and of course the big man in the business Iwer George.

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