RudeBwoy Anthems

Ill Inspecta has an album due for release Dec 02 2006 in Japan from P-Vine Records, this comes soon after the success of the RudeBwoy Anthem EP from Germaican Records. 16 tracks featuring 11 completely new tunes.

I first heard Ill Inspecta on a Ward 21 tune, Rude Boy Patrol, that was produced by Pionear from Germaican Records. According to Illi he was never in the studio with Ward but was asked to complete the song. So he finished something to get his start… funny eh! Then came other singles and a combination with Bobby Buster on Germaican riddims.

Early 2006 saw me importing the Burning and Tragedy riddims (Bassrunner) which both had Illi featuring and this is what really got me tuned into this artist. These tunes really showed the talent that was there. Thanks to Black Chariot (Guage) for recognizing this and buying them from me. Then came the RudeBwoy Anthem. My word! This made me remember what turned me onto dancehall music. He followed this up with 2 of my favourite Illi tunes, Lay Dem 2 Rest (Thug Funk / Bassrunner) and Too Bold (Judgement Time / Special Delivery).

As I was developing this bandwagonist concept, he then comes with this album that completely blows me away. I am very pleased to see that Illi has an album under his belt in such a seemingly short time. I know that I have tried to expose him to my republic, but this place has too many other bandwagonist for you to count. Only when Illi makes it big in the US will they recognize the talent; they have yet to bring Gentleman who only has like 3 albums and performances at Sting 2003 and Reggae Sumfest 2006.

For who can get the album, imported or local, buy it!.
It features some of the singles that got Illi his start and some wicked combinations with Lexie Lee and Million Stylez, a Jr. Blender remix, riddims like the Money Bag, Wipe Out, Cure, Messer Banzani, Judgement Time, Thug Funk and Typhoon.

…in the words of Ill Inspecta… inspec’ it

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