batty bwoy???

As I recognize the lyricists in Esco & Leftside / Dr. Evil I still am dumbfounded by the homophobia that exists with many Black Caribbean Dancehall Artists. One of his latest offerings, that is apparently a HIT all over the Caribbean; I even had a friend in Canada ask me who sang the song, clearly shows that there is some way to go if dancehall is to truly get mainstream acceptance. Is this song a clear representation of what the average Jamaican thinks. I ask this because Esco is a Jamaican. Are these the values that he was brought up to believe? Are the Caribbean people really gonna keep promoting this culture and not believing in acceptance.

There was a recent article in the Jamaica Star which asked some Dancehall Artist about this phenomena of word association. Cleary avoiding the use of words that seemingly have male or homosexual associations is a challenge.

I will keep iterating that I truly admire the poetry… undeniable flow and sense of humour, but still wonder if this is the mentality that dancehall will continue spewing.

Stay Far – Dr. Evil (Top Class Bullet Riddim 2006)

A wha happen to some boy, me nuh know eh nuh, a walk bout wi dem bloodclaat faggot self a wha happen to dem dem think a bumboclaat foreign dis a wah do dem yow leggo bout ya

Batty boys they need fi stay far from we(dem fi gweh)
Cause wi nuh inna wha dem inna (No)
pussy a weh buddy fi a go inna
for eva

Right Mini-Me

Verse 1
Vagina was made for the penis
not penis for penis, not penis for anus
Adam was made for eve, he was not made for Steve (no)
No if, no but, no maybe’s
dick and butts will make no babies
Man to man is so unjust (yup)
man to man just bring disgust (whoa)
I don’t even like the word bottom
never gonna get to the bottom of things
never gonna hit rock bottom
never gonna go to the bottom of a stream
I don’t like Marvin Gaye, why is her name peta-gay
If i should sprain my ankle I will neva use Bengay
Dem fi gweh

Chorus x2

Verse 2
Testing testing 1,3
dont test 2 you will get slew
we check females not email
at yahoo no hotmail
not manley I’m not edna or norman thats not normal
those guys that say there are mormons… MORE WOMAN!

Chorus x2

The line which says we check females not email amuses me because it reminds me of a joke Jamaican Comedian BLAKKA uses in his act. He uses the word females as ‘Fe Males’ meaning for males. This is a far cry from the way in which Leftside seeks to use the meaning.

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