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this bandwagonist’s concept

I embarked on this project to voice my opinion and to impart knowledge. I like hearing about new talent and listening to what they have to offer. I have become very disenfranchised with the music industry, among other things, especially where i come from in Trinidad & Tobago. If you don’t sing SOCA, you are not recognized for your achievement until someone on the international scene does it, you dead or BOTH.

I would love to support my local artists but many seem to be looking for that quick dollar. They release burned CDs that cost less than TT$30 to manufacture, and want to sell it for TT$100 and more, when I can get a Glass Replicated CD for the same price; sometimes cheaper if I import them myself, or even get a compilation from the Cassette Man on the corner who has the same quality product; who me nah promote.

Many an artist can not depend on album sales to make their living. Live Shows / Performances, DUB Plates and other business ventures is where they have to look. Invest in yourself. Jay-Z says it best… “I’m not a ‘business man‘, I’m a business… man!” That’s what we all have to see ourselves as. Businesses. Constantly marketing ourselves. Constantly improving what we have to offer.

The end all of this blog will be my opinions. My take on a situation / artist / song lyric. Music is Life. GUiDANCE…

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