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5 February, 2014 Leave a comment

Carnival Tabanca
Videomentary by: Bunji Garlin
Directed by: Walt Lovelace & Curtis Popplewell
Produced by: Beach House Entertainment
Filmed with 14 cameras Friday afternoon, downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
Camera Operators:
Christian Compton
Colin Peters
Declan LeeLoo
Gabriel Nagee
Jamal Edwards
Jason Riley
Jermald Compton
Jerome Ali-Salandy
Kerry Gibbons
Michael Amoroso
Richard Voisin
Shea Best
Zahra Gibbons
Special thanks to:
Marc Loregnard
Kharim Matthias
Kenneth Bailey
Enrique Ali
Lance Smith
Diyanand Persaud
Darren Millien
Paul Charles
Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez
Dexter Thomas
Keron “Sheriff” Thompson
His Worship The Mayor of Port of Spain
The City of Port Of Spain
Port of Spain City Police
Brain Lara Promenade Management Co.
Advance Dynamics Ltd.
Trinidad Movie Equipment Rental Company Ltd.


30 January, 2014 1 comment

New York, NY (FOX FUSE) 1st Klase Records presents its highly anticipated Stag Riddim: Part 2, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on February 11, 2014, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. The futuristic, heavy bass, grime-meets-soca formula of Stag Riddim: Part 2, produced by Klase Gonzales and mixed by Neel “Fadda” Dwala, are signature sounds of 1st Klase Records, a progressive label that continues to craft and compose the future of soca music.

FOX FUSE is on the forefront of soca music and serves as the exclusive digital distributor of 1st Klase Records. Based in New York City, FOX FUSE has consistently promoted and marketed soca music internationally since 2007, and now as a digital distributor for over two years, has signed numerous top labels representing various Caribbean music genres. As a one-stop shop, FOX FUSE offers in-house publicity, promotion and marketing for all its releases, something Caribbean producers and labels are taking advantage of, to not only get their music on sale worldwide, but to also get their brands and artists known to the music industry and fans, far and wide.

1st Klase Records – Stag Riddim: Part 2 (Instrumental)

Swappi – Take Wine
Jaiga Ft. Shal Marshall – Juice
Olatunji – Wha Yuh Drinkin?
Lyrikal – Party Nuh Done
Bunji Garlin – Gi Dem Dey

Machel Montano – H.M.A.

29 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Official Music Video for Machel Montano’s 2014 Soca Music hit H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive)!

Directed and Produced by Damian Marcano for Blue Cinamon Group.

Song produced by Alex “Kubayashi” Barnwell. Written by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Machel Montano & Alex Barnwell. 2014 All Rights Reserved

Innovative and groundbreaking describes the upcoming release of the collaborative
effort between International Soca Superstar, Machel Montano and the critically acclaimed director from the motion picture “God Loves The Fighter”, Damian Marcano. After the success of “Fog” and “Float” it was inevitable for them to team back up yet again.

When the two got together they knew they wanted to do something different for “Happiest Man Alive”. The video concept begins with Montano crash landing to a place called Planet Mas. At first sight, the area seems quite barren, but upon further inspection he realizes he is not alone. After following a beautiful woman across the desert-like planet¬¬¬¬¬¬ he finds himself in a magical garden where the inhabitants experience eternal euphoria. It is a futuristic play on the creation of Man finding his life partner and sharing Happiness with his Woman.


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Haunted | Machel Montano Rehearsal BTS

26 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Machel Montano and the HD Band rehearse his 2014 Soca track “Haunted”.

Destra Garcia – Mash Up

24 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Video Directed and Produced by Denithy.
Performed by Destra Garcia.
Written by Patrick ‘Mista Vybe’ Gordon and Destra Garcia.
Co-Written by Kasey Phillips.
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions.
Mastered by Mike Wells, CA.

Beneath the MAS

23 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Based on the traditional and cultural aspects of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Faces Behind GBM Productions

23 January, 2014 Leave a comment

turn up the vibes

Erphaan Alves – HEARING AH TALK! [Dont Stop Mas]

22 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Erphaan Alves Management CONTACT


Ah hearing ah talk and ah doh like it (Masqueraders)

We love we colors on the big stage, How yuh goh stop we
Yuh love we colors when parade, How yuh goh stop we

People Tell me what is this
Leh we do fettin’ thing
All we money save
Just to do we fettin’ thing

Who really must take d blame (Take d blame)
Why we have to feel d pain

Hear me na, Say badman cool it nuh, Put down d gun
Pick up a rag and leh we wave and leh we have some fun
and leaders, come na, please doh stop it
Money spend, ticket buy
So somebody tell me why it is ah


We d people see there’s a need retreat on d streets and (Mash it up)
We parade in peace to d beat cu d music sweet leh we (Mash it up)
I decided to stand for d people
I decide , me d voice of d people
Let d mas take place, oh yes embrace d culture dis

So what it is a hearing whoa oo
What it is a hearing
It better be a rumor whoa oo
I must reach in d savannah
Tell me why it is ah

Hearing ah talk and ah doh like it (Masqueraders)

We love we colors on the big stage (How yuh goh stop we)
Yuh love we colors when parade (How yuh goh stop we)

Allyuh dis time ah d year
Leh we do feting thing
I cannot stay ho me
Leh me do meh feting thing

Who really must take d blame
Why we have to feel d pain

Allyuh I doh wa make a jail
But I wah do meh fettin’ thing
I find it is my right
Time to do meh fettin’ thing

Who really must take d blame
Why we have to feel d pain

STAG riddim 2014

14 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Bunji Garlin – Differentology (music video)

17 May, 2013 6 comments

  • Director: Nigel Thompson
  • Director Of Photography: Sean “Science” Edghill
  • Assistant Director: Roland “Rembunction” Yearwood
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Richard Rawlins
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Damien Jobity
  • 2nd Assistant Camera: Iscah Straker
  • Gaffer: Selwyn Henry / Kerron Lemmessy
  • Best Boy Electric: Ken Bailey / Selwyn Henry
  • Storyboard Artist: Richard Rawlins
  • Producer: Nigel Thompson
  • Associate Producers: Kerima Rahim, Princess Donelan, Alana Ramlal
  • Production Manager: Kerima Rahim
  • Grip: Keegan Rudolfo
  • Driver / Transport: Navin Suchit
  • Props: Frank Seales
  • Make up: Jennelle Orosco, Steven Taylor, Liz-Ann Jaggernauth, Christopher Rama
  • Music Provided by: Rawle “Boobie” Edwards
  • Costumes by: K2K Alliance & Tribe
  • Location: “Melau” Provided by TCL / Readymix

in all honesty i dont see it being that different to any other video out there… concept nor production. the atmosphere had all the vibes. just didn’t translate for me. flat harsh images. wrong frame rate at times… bah i eh going into it… go watch blaxx leh go instead…


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